The Bizarre #COMEYMEMO


A new revelation came to light.
James Comey had hand written notes about his conversation’s with president Trump.
What we know so far that Trump asked Comey to stop the investigation if there were no Russian ties.
This Flynn nonsense is just another hit job by the NYTIMES embedded with liberal conspiracy journalists.

President Trump is merely trying to run the country while looney politicians try to pull a soft coup on Trump.
This is nothing more then a hit job as usual.


Keeping News Short and Sweet



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  1. Mary Jane Whitelaw

    President Trump has obviously shaken the Wasps Nest. Needs support more than ever.
    For all he hasn’t done my guess is someone has some very interesting stories to tell about Mr Comey. He is himself implicated in many many things.
    Trup needs someone he can TRUST!


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