#SethRich Update Kim DotCom verifies Wikileaks

On Saturday May 20th Kim Dotcom admitted he & Seth Rich had been the Wikileaks source.




He then tweeted that he is willing to talk to Sean Hannity and other journalists.

He then said he would release a public statement through lawyers next week.



  1. Patty

    I just hope this bitch goes down.
    They’re evil ass people, and kill for sport it seems
    I’ve only been keeping up since movie 13 hours came out, and cried thru the whole movie knowing what I knew.
    You be safe, and family too.
    I enjoy all your posts 😊

  2. Doris

    Please Be Safe, The Deep State, Clintons,Obama’s and DNC will stop at nothing to regain the Power. Thank You for telling the Truth. I hope The Rich Family will get some Answers and People will get how Corrupt our Government got and Why President Trump is so Important.


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